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Latest Destination: Orio Al Serio, Bergamo ITALY

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Flight #DateFromDestinationPassengersDuration Result TD ratePilot
 HLY379 01/01/2021 Fontanarossa, ITALY Orio Al Serio, ITALY14301:42:03Perfect-283.85Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY250 31/12/2020 Ruzyne, CZECH REPUBLIC Fontanarossa, ITALY13602:16:33Perfect-160Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY831 30/12/2020 Kastrup, DENMARK Ruzyne, CZECH REPUBLIC14301:31:58Good-160.77Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY279 29/12/2020 Orio Al Serio, ITALY Kastrup, DENMARK14301:56:56Perfect-208.46Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY804 27/12/2020 Barajas, SPAIN Orio Al Serio, ITALY14302:00:16Perfect-223.08Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY188 26/12/2020 Pleso, CROATIA Barajas, SPAIN12802:37:10Good-201.54Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY549 25/12/2020 Bilbao, SPAIN Pleso, CROATIA14202:15:49Good-156.15Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY930 23/12/2020 Capodichino, ITALY Bilbao, SPAIN13102:24:13Perfect-410.77Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY979 22/12/2020 Charles-de-Gaulle, FRANCE Capodichino, ITALY14301:57:39Perfect-224.62Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY318 21/12/2020 Birgi Mil, ITALY Charles-de-Gaulle, FRANCE13402:21:37Perfect-172.31Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY672 19/12/2020 Pantelleria Mil, ITALY Birgi Mil, ITALY12500:23:40Perfect-464.61Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY874 16/12/2020 Kastrup, DENMARK Orio Al Serio, ITALY14301:43:58Perfect-335.38Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY470 15/12/2020 Linate, ITALY Kastrup, DENMARK14302:13:09Perfect-280Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY281 12/12/2020 Manises, SPAIN Linate, ITALY12801:42:51Perfect-205.38Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY328 11/12/2020 Orio Al Serio, ITALY Manises, SPAIN14301:42:32Perfect-263.08Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY718 23/07/2020 Birgi Mil, ITALY Orio Al Serio, ITALY12801:19:45Perfect-376.15Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY057 22/07/2020 Orio Al Serio, ITALY Birgi Mil, ITALY14301:34:48Perfect-246.92Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY663 21/07/2020 Barajas, SPAIN Orio Al Serio, ITALY14302:05:24Perfect-222.31Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY109 12/07/2020 Orio Al Serio, ITALY Barajas, SPAIN14302:03:13Perfect-207.69Ferruccio Accalai
 HLY534 11/07/2020 Punta Raisi, ITALY Orio Al Serio, ITALY14301:30:03Perfect-245.38Ferruccio Accalai

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